It's elementary, my dear! Notes of soft leather, pipe tobacco, and aged oak evoke Victorian mysteries, stormy nights, and shelves of leather-bound volumes. An atmospheric, masculine fragrance full of imagination.



Vibe: elegant, mysterious  

Fragrance family: masculine

Inspiration: Sherlock Holmes mysteries, London libraries, stormy weather. The name comes from a room in the vintage board game, Clue - a big favorite from when we were kids.



Product Details

Size: 16 oz
Dimensions: 5"h x 3"d
Fill: 12 oz wax weight
Burn time: Enjoy for up to 65 hours.
Vessel: American-made Mason jar. Copper-toned, metal lid keeps candle dust-free when not in use.


Why You Will Love It

  • Vegan + pet friendly.
  • Cruelty-free. Ingredients have never been tested on animals.
  • Made in the USA. Handcrafted in Virginia.
  • Our fragrances are free of phthalates and toxins. They comply with California Prop 65 standards.
  • Candles contain only 100% American-grown, dye-free soy wax, natural cotton wicks, fine fragrance, + natural essential oils for a cleaner burning experience.

Please recycle or upcycle this vessel to a new purpose after your last burn.

Please see label on jar bottom for best burning practices. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alana R
Smooth and sultry

So rich, so warm, so woody and cozy... The Study creates a whole vintage library atmosphere for me. Many leather scents can quickly overpower a room when burning, but this is such a smooth blend, I let it go for hours while I read or write. Love this one.

My Favorite Candle

I love this candle so much- every note in it is the note that I want to smell in my safe space. This candle has brought back sensory memories of good times, good places, and good people.
I wish I could pay for a pallet of these candles and just have them for life.
The burn time is great, soy burns longer than other waxes, and I will be sad when mine runs out!

Alison Maxwell
The Study

All of the candles that I have purchased have been some of the best candles. Their scents are completely unique but The Study is one of my absolute favorites. The Study is perfect for a sophisticated and earthy feel that is still romantic.

Gabrielle G
Warm and inviting

This is my favorite candle of all time. It’s warm and cozy without being overwhelmed. All the tones complement one another and together remake a seasonless scent. I always have a back up.

Elizabeth B
Sherlock Holmes meets Your Classy Father-in-Law

You know how well-respected, wise men in movies always have a study with a leather chair, a mahogany desk, and lots of old books neatly arranged on built-in bookshelves? There's an air of sophistication and knowledge wafting through the room. I think someone smoked a pipe in here at some point, because the scent still lingers, but not in an overwhelming way. It makes me want to grab one of those books off the shelf and devour it in one sitting.