Petite Gold Collection

Please note: Due to a manufacturing supply shortage, tins are currently backordered. We apologize for the inconvenience. Optimistic restock date: 9/17.

Sample tins. Small area scenters... however you choose to think of these little guys, they're great for no-commitment candle fun.

Offered in scents that match our current collection of  Farmhouse Mason candles, these pretty 4 oz candle tins go anywhere. Perfect as a little pick-me-up or a thoughtful gift.

Tins are a subtle, brushed gold and labeled with a b&w design of vintage botanicals that match each scent.

Classic. Simple. Versatile.

Buy 3+ and save $1.55/each!

Gifting? Check out our gift-bag option.


Here's 4 ways to enjoy these beauties: 

1. New to our candles? Explore fragrances. Available individually, or buy 3+ and save.

2. Gifting? Say thanks or that you're thinking of someone without making it into a big deal. Grab a few tins to have on hand for surprise exchanges, a last-minute invite from a great hostess, or teacher gifts. With a burn time up to 16 hours, your recipient can enjoy a thoughtful gift without being married to one scent. Make it even more special by adding our gift-bag wrap option.

3. Working from home? Even at the kitchen table, we can still have a case of the mondays. Set one of these cuties by your laptop and enjoy some energizing vibes. 

4. Want something uniquely you? Our homes are our sanctuaries. Play scent-stylist and group tins to create original fragrances that embrace your unique style.

[Volume discount for 3+ is automatic at checkout. Please note: This collection is available online only.]