Travel tins. Sample tins. Small area scenters...however you choose to think of them, THEY HAVE ARRIVED! Introducing no-commitment candle fun: The Gold Whimsy Collection.

Offered in 16 scents that match our best-selling Farmhouse Mason candles, these pretty 4 oz tins are perfect for whimsy shoppers, commitment-phobes, gifters, and travelers just like you...And us! These little metallic beauties are a subtle, brushed gold fit for any decor. Lid label is a black & white design of vintage type and botanicals that match each scent. Classic. Simple. Super versatile. 

New to our candles? These are a great way to try out fragrances. Available individually, or in sets of 3 or 5.

Gifting? Hello cute little Easter treats! Or try a set for a sweet Mother's Day idea. With a burn time up to 15 hours, she can enjoy a thoughtful gift without being married to one scent.

Traveling? Make your new space your own. Whether it's the beach house, lake cabin, or that work conference hotel room, set the mood with scent.

Mother-In-Law coming? She loves lavender. You hate it. No problem! Transform the guest room into a relaxing MIL haven for her visit. Once she goes, that candle goes right along with her. 

A Case of the Mondays? Ugh. We all need a little help pretending we're somewhere else while at the office. Set one of these cuties by your mouse pad - lit or not - and relaxxxx…. Summer vacay will be here before you know it.

Want Something Uniquely You? Play Scent-stylist and group tins in a single room to create an original fragrance that's all you. Or alternate them to match the day.

Check out the full collection here.

[Please note: This collection is available online only, and is not currently offered for wholesale.]

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