Petite Gold Collection

Sample tins. Small area scenters... however you choose to think of these little guys, they're great for no-commitment candle fun.

Offered in scents that match our current collection of Farmhouse Mason candles, these pretty 4 oz candle tins go anywhere. Perfect as a little pick-me-up or a thoughtful gift.

Tins are a subtle, brushed gold and labeled with a b&w design of vintage botanicals that match each scent.

Classic. Simple. Versatile.

Buy 3+ and save with our volume discount! (automatic at checkout)

Gifting? Check out our gift-bag option.


Here's 4 ways to enjoy these beauties: 

1. Sample. Explore new fragrances. Available individually, or buy 3+ and save.

2. Gift. Want to brighten someone's day? With a burn time up to 16 hours, your recipient can enjoy a thoughtful gift without being married to one scent. Make it even more special by adding our gift-bag wrap option.

3. Brighten. Working from home? Even at the kitchen table, we can still have a case of the mondays. Set one of these cuties by your laptop and elevate your mood with some fragrance therapy. 

4. Embrace. Want something uniquely you? Your home is your sanctuary. Play scent-stylist and group tins to create original fragrances that embrace your unique style.

[Volume discount for 3+ is automatic at checkout. Please note: This collection is available online only.]