Mother's Day Gift Guide

Here, we chose our most popular, spring-appropriate fragrances that are hits time and again with moms, sisters, partners, and best friends. Pair these with our Candle Care Kits or give her relaxation with our Sea & Spa Gift Set.

Also, for the month of April, get FREE GIFT WRAP on Petite Gold Tins! Order any 3 Tins and receive them wrapped in pretty spring tissue inside our reusable, stamped, linen gift bag. Automatic at checkout. (Please note: 3 tins MAX fit inside a bag. Additional tins will be sent without gift wrap.)


This guide spans our top sellers from comforting kitchen favorites like Lemon Poundcake and Patisserie, to fabulous florals like Morning In Paris, spa-like relaxers Linen Waters and Sea Glass, and, of course, spring beauty Sun Blush.

Choose a few for Mom and light up her world!