Most people don't love winter. Us being two of them. But living on a farm, so close to the Blue Ridge Mountains, nature always feels very near and present. The seasons - for better or wetter - are right here, off our front porch. Because of that, or maybe as a rebellion against our retail life, where focus always has to be one season ahead, I decided to apply the breaks. 

This is the first year I can remember when I've made myself stop, and truly feel this season. Not just the thrill of pre-winter holiday excitement, then fast forward to Easter. This is living in the present, with its frosty hills and fuzzy cows. A sifting of snow and barren, wiry rows of grape vines and the mud puddle in the driveway. A house that feels strangely empty now that the decorations are down, even though they were only up for a month. This is the time to halt. To breathe before I grab the graph paper to plot out the garden, shop spring dresses, book hot summer wine festivals, mentally live 2019 before it has even started.

We encourage you to do the same. Whatever your space in the world, there are elements of life that happen around you only in January. Only right now. Quiet moments like the rush of perfect powder on a back-trail ski run. Loud ones like blue jays arguing along our fence. Find those moments. Relish them. Even if they're small, or local, or right inside your house. Make a new memory. Instead of wishing away winter for spring.

For the new year, we curated a few of our favorite scents that really celebrate those winter feels. From brisk woods to cozy sweaters to hot coffee, we hope they help you to be more present this month, wherever you are.


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