While so many other parts of the country still battle blizzards and chapped lips, the American South starts anew early each year.

Here in Virginia, the seedlings are started and the garden planned. A new crop of calves chase each other down to the stream until the moms give a nervous bellow and they reluctantly scamper back. The local Hunt Club met here on the farm yesterday for the first ride of the season, returning foxless, cheerful, and ready for lunch in the main house that dates from 1739. Our closest city, Washington D.C. is already seeing promise of the coming cherry blossoms next month.

In our former home, New Orleans, Carnival time is over and Lent has begun. This is the time locals take a deep breath after the madness of Mardi Gras, fish beads out of their crepe myrtle trees, and settle in for gorgeous spring days on verandas and café patios.

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