A relaxed stroll through Paris, Prague, Vienna. Cafe chatter. Street vendors roasting nuts. Stopping by a beautiful bakery filled with mouthwatering sweets and scents. Sitting a moment, there in the gilded window, watching the world go by.

A lux, gourmand backdrop in kitchen or family room, Patisserie balances zesty top notes of fig, plum, and orange with warm, grounding spices and a hint of roasted chestnuts. Not overly sweet, this fragrance is wonderfully inviting.


Fun Facts: "Patisserie" is the French word for pastry, or a bakery that specializes in sweet delights. My great-grandmother came to New York from Vienna, and loved to recreate European pastries in her Brooklyn home. My mother enjoyed them during her early childhood, and still reminisces about them. This scent was inspired by her lavish descriptions mixed with our modern visits in Europe.


Enjoy the subtle, crackling ambience of our Whisper Wood Collection. Translucent amber jars allow warm light to shine, and are ideal for reuse. This collection is created using 100% American-grown soy wax and natural, sustainably-sourced wooden wicks for a bright, clean burn and excellent scent throw.


  • TOP NOTES: fig | plum | orange zest
  • BODY: ginger | cardamom
  • BASE: roasted chestnuts | vanilla


Product Details

Size: 17 oz
Dimensions: 4"h x 3.75"d
Wick: Uncoated, natural wood wick. Our wicks are sustainably sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified mills in the U.S.A.
Fill: 13.5 oz wax weight
Burn time: Enjoy this fragrance for up to 45 hours.
Vessel: Translucent amber glass jar. Fitted, gold metal lid keeps candle dust-free when not in use.


Why You Will Love It

Vegan + pet friendly.
Cruelty-free. Ingredients have never been tested on animals.
Hand-poured in Virginia using our own, original fragrance blends.
Our fragrances are free of phthalates and toxins. They comply with California Prop 65 standards.
Candles contain only 100% American-grown, dye-free soy wax, uncoated natural wooden wicks, natural essential oils and fragrance for a cleaner burning experience.

Please recycle or upcycle this vessel to a new purpose after your last burn.

Please see label on jar bottom for best burning practices.

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